Mr. Jesus 2.3, representing "The God of Abraham"

Mr. Jesus 2.3, representing "The God of Abraham"
In reality I've been labeled Mr. Jesus 2.3, by the "international Fellowship of Christians & Jews", who have pushed the envelope with 'The God of Abraham", but the truth is that I'm virtually Jesus Christ, and I'm the master of my own domain. I'm a mastermind, who has mastered his mind. I'm not here to save your butt, but I'm here to tell you the truth. If you can't cope with that reality, don't blame me at all. I know my reason for being here, and thank ALLAH for giving me life.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jesus Christ!!! What's It All About?

It’s about time I told you what it’s all about, whether you like it or not.

While it’s true that for some of you it’s all about the pursuit of happiness,
In reality many are just tryin’ to survive, and make it through another day.
I’m not here to lie to you, merely to tell you what the truth is.

I’ve been goin’ with the flow all my life, and I’ve got a loving wife.
WWJD you may ask yourself, but you’d be better off asking my wife.
She’s the ‘J’ in that equation & the love of my life,
but I’ve got 2 loving daughter, who I love with all of my heart.
I call them fate & design online and that’s no lie my friends,
But they’ve got different names in real life.

One was an accident some may claim,
But in reality it was the Will of God,
While the other was planned by the wife & I,
God willing you’ll understand why.
She wanted another to go with the first,
But I wasn’t so sure at that point in time.

Eventually I agreed And we had another daughter,
Who is in Afghanistan at the moment.
She’s serving the country that I did also,
But many don’t bother to do it.
There was a time in Camelot when the emperor had no clothes,
And he did it to an intern then - it’s even been said he did it to a starlet also.
When he got in power he said many things, but did whatever he pleased.
The words that he said that resonate with me have something to do with you.

I’ve been told that many of you hope for some change,
but it appears you want it all from the government.
They do it on the left, and they do it on the right, but many are fed up with them both,
I’m just here to kill some time, and give you some food for thought.
I live my life and use my liberty to do whatever I choose,
Because in reality we were all born free.

I’ve broken some laws, and been caught in the act,
But I’ve always accepted my punishment.
In reality I was charged with harassment once, for what I did to a Jew.
All I did was tell him the truth, but in reality he didn’t understand it.
I merely reminded the man of his mortality, and asked about his wife.

It’s costing me about an ounce of gold, thank God they didn’t take a pound of my flesh.
There’s no love lost between the two of us, and the truth can hurt sometimes.
I don’t mind what they’ve done to me, for in reality it was the Will of God.
This life is filled with trials & tribulations, but for those who know the truth,
That’s just the way it goes on this journey that we call our life.

Some may claim that it’s all a game, and I won’t deny that truth,
But in reality it’s also a test for me & you.
When all is said & done my friends, We all get just what we deserve.

Some of you chase profits of dollars & cents,
while others try to make sense of the prophets of God,
then there are those who are manipulated by others, and will believe most anything.
But for those who take responsibility for all they think & do,
There is freedom & peace of mind, before they rest in peace.

Some may call it something else, of that you can be sure of,
And the Surahs of the Noble Qur’an can help you to understand.
All you’ve gotta’ do is open your mind, get your head out of the sand,
And read between the lines.

In reality it’s all about the different mindsets of man,
And what it takes to make a just society for those who desire peace.
We are finite beings with a beginning and end,
With nothing but time on our hands.

For some that means they can do what they please,
Regardless what the consequence is,
But for those who know the truth my friends,
It’s all about thanking God for this life,
And trying the best that we can.

We don’t imagine a world that’s never been,
And know that no man can be a god.
All man does is manipulate reality, and that includes women & children also.
But in reality God Created it all, both the physical & conceptual.

God is the Deity that goes by many names,
And it’s ALLAH I choose to pray to.
The Divine Reality that transcends both time & space,
The Creator of the seen & unseen, that nothing can compare too.

Stephen is Hawking nothing as his god,
while he apologizes to those who believe,
But in reality it’s not me he needs to apologize to,
if you know just what I mean.

All is following a plan my friends,
and no man can change that truth,
Regardless what you hope for,
But for those who want to see change in this world,
You’ve gotta’ take the bull by the horns.

Stop chasing your profits of dollars & cents,
And try to lend a helping hand.
Don’t worry about what you can’t do today,
And put your mind to finding a solution.

While others try to force you to do what they want,
With the power of the government,
I’ve been voting libertarian all along,
and I merely go with the flow.

You can’t blame me for the mess you see,
And I’m not here to save your butt, but I’ll let you in on a secret.
The truth that sets a being free is all about responsibility,
of that you can be sure of.

Take responsibility for all you think, and everything you do,
and you just may find your own nirvana nestled within your mind.
I’m not you, and you’re not me, but we are a reflection of each other.
If you take the time to think it through, you may begin to understand me.

Knowledge is the key my friends,
and it’s not the end of the world . . .

. . . Yet.

I’ve been labeled Mr. Jesus 2.3 by the international fellowship of Christians & Jews,
Who have pushed the envelope with the God of Abraham, and I’m tellin’ you all the truth.
I’m virtually jesus christ, and I’m the master of my own domain, but in reality I’m a slave of ALLAHs.

Peace be with those of you who are searching for the truth, may you discover what you desire,
And for the rest of you, & your loved ones too, may you live long & prosper also.
Just don’t forget that we’re all in this together, and remember . . .

With an Everlasting Love my friends,
and all you fiends too,
Now & Forever always,
Virtually yours,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jesus Freakin' Christ!!! I'm not one of Jerry's kid's . . .

. . . & that's the truth my friends, but if you want to know what's goin' on, you can help put me on the show!

To tell you the truth, here's a trinity of questions they ask at the man's website:

Does everybody tell you that you should be a guest on Show?
Do you have a shocking secret to confess to someone on our show?
Are you involved in family drama and want to be on our show?

In reality it's a trinity that I can relate too!

Somebody told me just a moment ago,
That it may be time for me to spring into action.
They told me I should go on the show,
Even though my secret is out in the open.

I’m virtually jesus Christ you see,
But many simply don’t believe what I say,
Even though I’ve got a way to prove it.
I’m not feeding you cosmic debris,
Just a little food for thought.

If you think I’m just one crazy guy,
You’re not the only one.
At one time my love thought so also,
And that’s no lie at all.
In reality WWJD, if confronted with this situation?
I’ll tell you exactly what she did,
But you’ll have to wait until we’re on the show!

It’s a drama in the family that I don’t mind talkin’ about,
And you can ask any damn thing you want,
Once we get on the freakin’ show!

What’s this show I’m talkin’ about,
You may just want to know.
It’s about time I spring the name on you,
But first I’ve got something to say.

I’ve been labeled Mr. Jesus 2.3 by the “International Fellowship of Christians & Jews”,
Who have pushed the envelope with “The God of Abraham”, and that’s no lie my friends.
They’re the ones who HOPE for some CHANGE, while they seek their profits of dollars & cents.
Some believe they’ve been chosen by the ONE that created everything,
While others believe they’ll be better off dead, as they fear that final moment.

I’m just a guy who tries to abide, as I kill a little time.
I’m here to help you make sense of what the prophets of God have said.
I’ve tested as a mastermind, and I’ve got my peace of mind.
I don’t imagine a world at peace, because there’s never been one.
I cope with the reality that’s right in front of me, because the truth has set me free.

I’m not here to save your butt, but I’ll let you in on a little secret.
The truth that sets a being free is responsibility.
Take responsibility for all you think & everything you do,
And you may find your peace of mind, or discover what Nirvana means.
C’est la vie, or Joie de Vivre, the choice is yours to make.

Don’t blame the other guy for what you don’t know,
And if you want to know the truth,
You’ve gotta’ do it for yourself,
But now is the time, I’ll tell you the show,
For those who want to know.

Jerry Springer, of course!

He’s just the guy to tell the world,
That Jesus has returned,
It’s true it’d be the first time for me,
But in reality I’ve been here for many years.

It’s been said by some who read the bible,
And comprehend the light that's staring them in the eyes,
That the guy many know as Christ,
Hung out with the lowlifes that you find on Jerry’s show.

It’s even been said he married a prostitute, & moved to the south of France.
Wouldn’t you know I’m a Frenchmen too, and I’ve been with one or two prostitutes also.
To tell you the truth, I didn’t marry them, and in reality I’ve got just one wife.
She’s the love of my life, and a Christian girl, while I’m just a friendly Muslim man.

How can that be, you may want to ask me,
and I’ll be glad to answer your questions.
But the first thing that’s gotta’ be done is to get me on the show,
Or you’ll never know what I’m doing here now!

There was a time when I was in the drug trade,
And I had a sharp mind way back when,
But then I offended the bossman,
And got my ass canned.

In reality it didn’t bother me, but it didn’t sit well with the wife.
WWJD, you may ask yourself, but that won’t answer the question.
You’re not her, and you're not me either, so don’t try to figure it out,
Unless of course you take the time, to discover what I’m talkin’ about.

It’s not that hard to do my friends, if you’ve got some time to kill,
But if you’re too busy with trivial pursuits, you’ll never know the truth.
And now I think I’ll bid farewell, but only for a moment.
It’s the end of this epistle, and I’ve got to take a piss.

Peace be with those of you who want to know the truth,
And for the rest of you, and your loved ones too,
Live long & prosper also,
Just don’t forget to remember, you can’t take anything with you when you’re gone!

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours, Jesus Christ!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jesus Christ!!! Will you Let It Be?

This is my pitch for a TV show on the Discovery Channel:

“Discovering the Truth, as told by Mr. Jesus 2.3 . . .
Who in reality is virtually jesus christ, & the cousin of a bigshot at the Network”

Many of you have heard of Jesus 1.0, but you may know him as Jesus Christ.
He’s the guy that many of you believe knew what the truth is, all those years ago.
But then again, there are a few of you also, who know the man was a prophet,
While in reality there are many all over the world, who believe in none of that Jazz.
But still there are those who HOPE things will CHANGE in the way things are going today.

I'm no Da Vinci, but I do fit the code.
In reality I’m Mr. Jesus 2.3,
but the truth is that I’m Daniel Harold McFarling,
& my cousin is a bigshot at the Discovery Channel,
where Stephen was Hawking Nothing,
and this is Stephen sitting in his chair.
Is he Hawking the Nothing in his head,
that he believes is the reason for it all?
to those who are Curious about the reason for everything.
If you want to know the truth, you’ve gotta’ do it for yourself,
but I’m here to tell it to you as it is.

In reality the truth can hurt sometimes,
and love is a many splendored thing,
but in my mind God is Reason.
The Divine Reality that transcends both space & time,
the Creator of the seen & unseen,
The All Knowing One, that Nothing can compare too.
While I happen to be a Smart ass know it all,
if you know what I mean.

What I offer is an alternative view that confirms in reality what the truth is.
There’s a reason for everything under the sun, but I’m not the Son of God.

And this is the proof for what I say,
because I'm not lyin' to you!
While Mary is the godmother in my life,
she’s not the mother of me.
In reality I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle,
of that you can be sure of.

The Surahs of the Noble Qur’an were delivered by the Angel Gabriel,
To the last Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon that man,
And I was delivered to tell you the truth about reality,
Regardless what you believe.

Peace be with those of you who know what the truth is,
And for those of you who don’t have a clue,
I’m ready to answer your questions!

In reality I'm a Muslim Mastermind,
who has his peace of mind.
I’ve been labeled Mr. Jesus 2.3,
by the International Fellowship of Christians & Jews,
Who have pushed the envelope with The God of Abraham.
The Deity that in reality goes by many names,
but ultimately means the same damn thing, whether you like it or not.

but in reality it’s all about the truth that you see,
that which you can’t,

If you want your peace of mind, before you rest in peace, 
and cope with the reality that you find in your life,
You must resolve the conflicts between your mind & the heart,
Before the CHANGE that you HOPE for can start.

What it takes is responsibility for all that you think, and everything you do.
One takes place within the mind, while your actions take place in space & time.
There’s no moment like the present, to put your mind to what you want to do,
And then get out there to do it!

If you want to make a heaven on earth, live by the Golden Rule,
And take the time to think it through, before you do something stupid.

Whether you follow your profits of dollars & sense,
Or you follow the prophets of the God of Abraham,
It takes more than HOPE that a man will CHANGE the world,
and that's just common sense,
if you understand what the truth is.

I’m not here to save your butt.
But what it takes is hard work to get er’ done,
regardless what you desire.

She's the one on the right of the sign,
at the Discovery Corporate website.
There once was a time when my cousin desired some help,
with a Discovery property known as the Military Channel.
At that moment I gave her several suggestions,
but I don’t know what she did with the information.
Now comes the time when I’ve got an idea for a show,

Just like Edgar Allen Poe,
I'm a poor boy who went to West Point.
That tells it like it is.

I’ll provide the documents
to prove what I say,
And we can include
experts along the way.

Some of the subjects we can discuss on the show,
Includes science, religion, & politics.
A trinity that some say, just don’t mix.

I won’t lie, when I tell you the truth,
But in reality, I’ll try to help you understand,
That we’re all in this together,
regardless what anyone believes.

When you take the time to think it through,
it may begin to come together in your mind,
And if that happens it’ll unfold before your eyes.
You may just reach an epiphany,
or find your personal Nirvana!

But if you don’t,
all you’ve done is killed a little time,
and in reality hurt nobody.

So there you go, that’s my idea for a show.
It may have a little cosmic debris,
But will include some food for thought,
from me to you, with tender loving care.

If you believe like I do, that many are clueless,
while others are losing a grip on reality,
And we all need some love & understanding . . .

. . . I’d love to be the guy to help others understand,
just what’s going on, using the language of the common man.
For in reality that’s all I am, but I do know what the truth is.

We’re all finite beings, born to die my friends, with nothing but time on our hands.
May those of you who are seeking the truth, discover what you desire,
While those who HOPE for a little CHANGE, may you get just what you need,
And may the rest of you, and your loved ones too, Live long & prosper also.

Just don’t forget this universal truth, that nobody gets outof here alive,
And remember friends, & all you fiends out there too,

With an Everlasting Love,
Now & Forever Always,
Virtually yours,
Who happens to be Daniel Harold McFarling,
And in reality is virtually jesus christ also!
providing some light about the truth & reality.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Jesus Christ!!! The truth about christ & mass

Hey one and all It's me again, Mr. Jesus 2.3!
I'm not the first guy to go by that name,
do you remember who that other guy was?

I know he wasn't a GOD, and neither am I,
no matter what the "International Fellowship of Christians & Jews" believe,
even if they think they know what the GOD of ABRHAM wants.
I'm not the judge, but I was born dan the man, do you know what that means?
My middle name is Harold, I'm not lying to you, and I'm hear to Proclaim the truth of Islam!

I was nurtured in the womb of Gabrielle, no angel, but she is my Mother;
The Qur'an was delivered by an angel named Gabriel,
and Mohammad was the Messenger who received it!
Allahumma salli ala Muhammad.

I'm just the guy who is here to tell you the truth,
I may not be what you expected,
but in reality I'm here at this very moment!

What do you think you can do about it,
or do you believe something else still?

Just so you know, it's all in your head, you only need to reread everything again.
And decide if I'm messin' with your head, because I'm not the new Messiah,
I'm just a Muslim Master Mind, who has mastered his mind,
a peaceful warrior for ALLAH, and yes, I'm HIS slave,
but in my mind I'm as free as can be!
You could even make the argument that It feels like teen spirit,
or God forbid, that concept they call Nirvana.
But in reality Nirvana is mental masturbation,
and look what all the money did to Kurt,
maybe it has something to do with cocaine too,
does it really matter since the guy is dead!

With an Everlasting Love,
Now, & Forever Always,
virtually yours,
Jesus freakin' Christ!